Pillars as a Practice
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Pillars as a Practice


     Earlier this month, I enrolled in a weekend workshop entitled, The 6 Pillars of Bhakti Yoga: A Training to Transform Your Practice, Teaching and Life with my teacher Raghunath at Palo Santo Wellness in Philadelphia.  Whenever Raghunath comes to town, I am overjoyed with excitement!  Raghunath tells the ancient stories of the Vedas in such a light-hearted, humorous way that is easy applicable to everyone this day in age.

     I have heard this lecture time and time again and could not wait to listen once more.  I need to be reminded of truth on a daily basis and practicing these pillars has been a vital part of my growth over the past couple of years.  I first heard these pillars on teacher training with Raghunath in India. Instantly, I saw the profound effects these pillars had on me and the group when consistently reminded of and practiced daily.  

6 Pillars of Bhakti
# 1 - I will not criticize.  
# 2 - I am tolerant.
# 3 - I take no offense.
# 4 - I am quick to apologize.
#5 - I find the good in others and let them know it.
#6 - I am grateful and keep a tally of all my blessings.

     If I could just master one of these pillars, my life would dramatically change.  I have these etched in my brain and whenever a situation comes up where a pillar is needed; I simply repeat it like a mantra over and over.  

     This my yoga … the practice of the pillars: a practice of tolerance, forgiveness, gratitude and acceptance. A practice over many lifetimes.


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