Discovering Our Roots
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Discovering Our Roots

     I was fortunate enough to take a yoga retreat over the holiday @extremehotels in Cabarate, Dominican Republic.  The retreat was lead by the lovely, Chrissy Lefavour @vtyogini who served us twice daily with beautiful vinyasa flow classes as well as a restorative practice and yoga nidra.  

photos by @moraima_cp
     The theme of the week revolved around our roots.  We focused on the importance of Mula Bandha (root lock) in all poses.  Mula indicates the base of the torso, the perineum, and it is associated with the muladhara chakra, lowest of the energy centers along the spine.  
     We also incorporated Rudra Mudra and chanted the bija mantra (seed sound), “LAM” to ignite our roots.  Roots give us all the nutrients and energy that we need to sustain a healthy, vibrant life.  These practices help us discover and maintain our roots so that we are able to live and give fully each day!  
I am using the Rudra Mudra in this pic above!

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  1. avatar Krish says:

    Going and being a part of Yoga retreats is always a great idea. One should do this often.

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