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Top 5 Breathing Exercises for Kids with First Day Jitters

For many in the US, the new school year is about to begin!  For some students, they may get the case of the First Day Jitters.  Laura from Higher Minds Yoga and Mindfulness, a company that brings yoga and mindfulness programs into schools, shares the top 5 breathing exercises to teach your kids to help them decrease stress and anxiety.  Each of these exercises should be done for a minimum of 3 rounds.  

     They are profound positive benefits for incorporating these exercises in your daily life.  Some benefits include increased concentration, better focus, higher test scores as well as reduced levels of stress.  In addition, students are able to use these breathing practices to connect to their inner peace and sense of calmness which is always present.   

#1  Bear Breath

This is Meddy Teddy's favorite one! Sit tall in a comfortable position; inhale for a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 5 and exhale for a count of 6.  

Breathe Like a Bear Book and Kids Yoga Tees

We love the book Breathe Like a Bear by Kira Willey.  It has the bear breath as well as many other mindful practices for kids.  


#2 Starfish Breath

Hold out one hand palm up in a starfish position (fingers spread wide). With each breath, gently trace up and down on each finger (inhale up, exhale down).


#3 Flower Breath

Sitting up tall, place palms together in front of your chest. Keep thumb and pinky fingers together, releasing the others open to blossom the flower which is called lotus mudra. Bring your nose down towards your flower, taking a deep breath in to smell.  Lift head and exhale out the mouth. 

Young teen girl practicing flower breath yoga breathing

#4 Tense & Let Go

Sit up tall, on the inhale shrug shoulders up, squeeze fists and face; exhale out the mouth, releasing tension with palms facing upwards.  

#5 Lion Breath 

Sit on knees, take a deep inhale and while exhaling a silent roar, lean forward stick out your tongue and roll eyes to back of head.   

We hope you and your family find some time to try these exercises out and share your favorites in comments below.

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