3 Tips to Stay Centered this Holiday Season
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3 Tips to Stay Centered this Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing, it is important to keep calm and make time for ourselves. At One Aura we have 3 simple tips to keep a clear, happy mind!  

1. Breath Breaks

Set a timer on your phone to remind yourself to take a moment and focus on your breath.  My favorite calming breathing exercise is really simple to learn.

  1. Sit up tall and close your eyes
  2. Focus your attention at third eye (the space between your eyebrows)
  3. Inhale slowly and deeply for a count of 6 seconds
  4. Retain or hold your breath for a count of 4 seconds
  5. Exhale slowly for a count of 10 seconds
  6. Repeat for a minimum of 3 rounds

2. Mantra

Mind Your Mantras Tees

Mantra is a Sanskrit word coming from the words mana, meaning mind, and tra, meaning to liberate. Mantras are phrases repeated frequently to help calm the mind and aid in meditation.  This Holiday season I have been using the mantra "I am peace" This helps ground me and remember what the holiday season is all about.

3. Plan 

Set a budget, then write down a shopping list.  Buy items ahead of time to avoid last minute shopping. Set a place in your home to keep items organized. You should even consider setting up a gift wrapping station in a low traffic area of your home for the weeks leading up.  Check out One Aura’s Holiday Gift Guides for everyone on your list!

Wishing you and yours a calm peaceful holiday season!

One thought on “3 Tips to Stay Centered this Holiday Season

  1. avatar The Yoga Institute Goa says:

    Setting up a gift wrapping station is interesting as during holidays and festivals, we require them a lot of time.

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